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How much do you know about Boiler Plus?

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We recently published an article on our blog about the forthcoming Boiler Plus scheme and policy.

The response was huge and will continue to be discussed amongst everyone involved in the gas industry until Boiler Plus comes into play in April 2018.

How much do you know?

As part of our initial article “What is Boiler Plus” we included a survey to find out what engineers knowledge of the policy is like.

When asked to rank their awareness from 1 to 5 (one being completely unaware, 5 being completely aware) 53% of respondents had no knowledge of Boiler Plus at all.

The remaining majority answered that they were lacking information on the scheme, with only 19% saying that they were fully aware of it.

When asked whether they thought Boiler plus was a good idea for consumers 36% said yes but the majority were not sure (39%).

It was the same story when we asked if they thought it was a good idea for Installers, with 38% saying yes but 35% unsure.

This indicates a need for greater promotion of Boiler Plus within the industry as there is currently a lot of head scratching going on

Do customers want extra controls?

We also asked whether installers felt prepared to install the extra energy saving technology that will be required.

37% said no, this is perhaps down to the worry of unnecessarily installing extra measures rather than not being able to do so.

What is true is that there is going to be greater responsibility placed on the engineers shoulders so education is the key.

Suitability, particularly when it comes to smart controls and the elderly, will be just as important as the efficiency the policy sets out to achieve.

Good for business?

The lack of knowledge with regards to boiler plus is evident when installers were asked if they though it would lead to more business.

63% said no, however with the upgrading of Benchmark scheme later next year, annual boiler servicing will be a pre-requisite to maintain the warranty of the boiler.

There is still a way to go when it comes to educating the industry on this.

It can be tough to begin with but we will do our best to keep you informed so that you can be better prepared for April 2018.

For More Information

If you would like more information or have any questions about Boiler Plus, you can contact Laura from Installers first – email:

They have also produced a consumer guide to help raise awareness. You can download it on their website. This can then be sent to your customers via email when you do your quotes etc.

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