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Confusion Around Boiler Plus

May 11, 2018 featured image

There’s still confusion around Boiler Plus

April 2018 saw the introduction of the Government’s new Boiler Plus scheme, which puts more responsibility on the shoulders of installers to install energy-efficient gas boilers and introduce a range of energy saving measures to the domestic systems they service and install.

Our Boiler Plus survey 

To find out what installers think of the scheme and how it was likely to affect them and their customers, we ran a survey back in the autumn when the scheme was first announced. We kept the survey running up until the introduction Boiler Plus last month, to see whether attitudes have changed*.

How much did you know about Boiler Plus?

When the first set of results was analysed, taken up to the middle of November, we saw that just over half of respondents had no knowledge of the scheme at all. Others felt they were lacking knowledge of it, with only 19% believing themselves to be fully aware of the new legislation.

How much do you know about Boiler Plus now?

Things have changed slightly, but there’s still a lot of confusion out there. Survey results taken and analysed since our last blog post on the subject, (17th November) show the split is roughly even with 43% saying they have a good knowledge of the scheme and 39% saying they have no knowledge at all. The remaining 12% has some knowledge.

It appears then, that word is getting through, but considering the scheme is now active there’s a large proportion of installers out there who say they don’t know about it.

Does Boiler Plus benefit to consumers?

Back in the Autumn, 36% of our respondents said they thought Boiler Plus was a good idea for consumers but the majority were unsure. Our latest results show that the percentage seeing a benefit for consumers has grown slightly to 45%.

Does Boiler Plus benefit installers?

When it comes to benefits to installers, the figures are much the same as those taken last Autumn. What’s interesting is that consistently, the survey results show that installers can’t see Boiler Plus leading to more business. Figures taken before mid-November showed that 63% felt it would not and since then, results have shown a slight increase in this number to 67%.

Where can I find out more about Boiler Plus?

Although there have been a few articles in the trade press about the launch of Boiler Plus and some boiler manufacturers have produced leaflets laying out the new standards, the message is clearly still not getting through. For those looking to find out more about it there is information at hand. In January this year, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) who set up the policy, published a factsheet which outlines the new legislation in a Q&A format. It’s available here.

Installers First is another source of information. If you have any questions about Boiler Plus, you can contact Laura  by  email:

Installer First has also produced a consumer guide to help raise awareness. You can download it on their website. This can then be sent to your customers via email when you do your quotes etc.

There’s no doubt the scheme is going to have a big impact, what are your views on the scheme now it’s been launched? We’re always keen to hear from our customer-base.

*Roughly a third of the overall survey results came in over a period running from mid November to the middle of April. 183 respondents in total.

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