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Freezing Temperatures on the Way!

January 22, 2019 featured image

The Met Office is forecasting “an enhanced risk of snow and widespread frost across the UK” so it seems increasingly likely that we’re in for a spell of freezing weather over the next few weeks.

One that the press is calling ‘The Beast from the East II’.

A New Installer Guide for Condensing Boilers

In advance of this, The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has reissued the ‘installer guide to condensate discharge pipe installation’ setting out practical steps to help installers upgrade the installation of condensing boilers, to meet current standards, when discharge pipes run externally.

Why External Discharge Pipes are at Risk

When there’s a high wind-chill factor, it’s more likely that the liquid in external discharge pipes will freeze and then, when the pipe is blocked, the boiler will shut down.  That’s no fun when temperatures are below freezing.

HHIC’s Director, Stewart Clements said:

“We are acutely aware that there are a significant proportion of installations that are not installed to current standards and manufacturer’s instructions. For example, the opportunity to connect to internal drain points such as a soil stack or sink waste has not been taken.”

“Where it is not possible to connect the boiler condensate discharge pipe to an internal point, the HHIC guide details what action should be taken- such as external pipe insulation.”

A copy of the installer guide can be downloaded here

Advice for the Consumer

HHIC has also reissued their consumer guide, which gives householders the low-down on what may happen if their boiler is at risk.

There’s space in the guide for the engineer to record an assessment of the likelihood of trouble and suggest the appropriate upgrade.

As well as this, the guide lists some remedial measures that consumers can take should the worst happen, to help them thaw out the discharge pipe and get their boiler going again.

The consumer guide is available here

Stewart Clement is keen that the message is spread far and wide:

“We urge engineers to familiarise themselves with both the engineer and consumer guide in light of the Met Office warnings”

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