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Heating Season Survey Results

October 6, 2017 featured image

Our Survey Said……

We’ve recently conducted a survey to see what you’ve been doing to develop your business since last year’s heating season and how you were feeling about the future.

Busy Times Ahead

Just over a third of those who responded were expecting to be busier this year than last.

We wanted to know what you had been doing over the last twelve months to develop.

Although half of the businesses who responded to the survey felt that they had made no real changes, it appears that there have been a number of new advances:

  • 15% had expanded by taking on new staff, a similar number had started using social media to promote their business and almost
  • 20% had decided to set up or upgrade their website.
  • A quarter of the businesses had invested time and money in training to expand their range of capabilities.

There was a general sense that it was important to keep up with new trends in order not to be left behind.

The Power of Social Media

A small number of respondents stated they were still investing money in producing pamphlets and print advertising, but many more of you were planning to focus on marketing through social media this coming year.

This makes good sense as social media is a great way to connect directly with potential customers – and it’s free!

The survey results showed that around half of you already use social media.

  • Facebook was the most popular platform, with around a third using it.
  • LinkedIn (25%)
  • Twitter (12%).
  • Instagram wasn’t very popular, with a following of just over 6%.

It’s currently the fastest growing platform, however, and we see real potential – particularly for those of you with a good eye for a photo.

We were interested to find out why those who don’t use social media were put off.

Most common was a sense that people didn’t have the time to commit to it.

  • 20% felt it wasn’t relevant and around
  • 10% said they don’t understand it.

It’s time to seize the potential of social media and make it work for you. As well as an efficient marketing tool, it’s a great way to get support and keep up to date with industry changes.

We produce a range of free business guides that give advice on various subjects relating to trades.

We’ve recently written a comprehensive guide to Social Media that runs through the different platforms, offering advice on how to get started and the next one will be on training.

To sign up to the guides, please click here.

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