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HHIC’s Water Treatment Guide for Consumers  

May 3, 2018 featured image

Why is water quality important?

It’s important for home-owners to know the importance of water treatments to ensure their boilers perform at their best at all times.

To help installers and their customers, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has shared a consumer guide to water treatment that helps explains how to maintain a central heating system.

What are the issues poor water quality can cause?

To ensure your boiler runs properly, it’s important to treat the water that circulates in the system.

If the water isn’t treated, poor water quality can shorten the boilers lifetime.

Some symptoms that are a result of poor water quality can be blockages, reduction of heat transfer, overheating, and an overall loss of efficiency.

This can be caused by dissolved solids, which form limescale, system debris, sludge, and corrosion.

Not only is hard water harmful to the boiler itself, it can build up in laundered clothing to the point that garments feel stiff and can even cause skin irritation.

What do consumers need to know?

There are 5 key points:

  • During the time of the installation, customers must ensure their installer completes the Benchmark commissioning documentation to confirm that this has been done.
  • Knowing and understanding the importance of a Powerflush and keeping the system clean and protected.
  • Knowing the benefits of investing in a system filter.
  • How to reduce the amount of limescale in boilers.
  • Customers should ask boiler manufacturers if Water Softeners are compliant with their boiler.



How can installers help their customers?

Go through the guide with your customers, explain the different elements and remind them that a boiler and system should be serviced and checked annually, to ensure safety and efficient running.

Click here for the full see the full HHIC Water Treatment Guide.

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