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Hot Water Cylinder Consumer Servicing Guide

February 12, 2019 featured image

The Hot Water Cylinder Consumer Servicing Guide has been produced by the industry under the guidance of the Hot Water Association (HWA), detailing what they can expect when having their hot water storage cylinder serviced by a registered engineer.

This guide lays out an agreed industry best-practice approach to hot water cylinder servicing, whilst noting the important role played by manufacturer’s’ instructions.

The aim is to educate consumers on the standards they should expect and details a list of the steps engineers should take when they visit a customer’s home. 

What’s Included?

This document is for all unvented direct and indirect products and details the service checks that should be carried out every 12 months and covers the following:

  • Hot water cylinder service checks
  • What Engineers should do after performing necessary service checks and actions

Why is it Important?

The guide focuses on compliance with legal requirements (e.g. AD Part G) and ensures essential appliance checks, tests, and servicing tasks are correctly carried out, and in a safe manner.

Download the guide here.

Hot Water Systems & Safety Course

Logic4training’s Hot Water Systems and Safety (HWSS) course replaces the unvented hot water course and covers all hot water systems.

Updated with the recently revised G3 Building Regulation, the HWSS course features the original content of the old unvented hot water systems training, plus the new requirements under G3 Building Regulations for both vented and unvented systems.

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