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Everyone’s talking about: Hybrid Heating & Hot Water Systems

May 12, 2016 featured image

A new industry poll has revealed a growing demand for hybrid heating and hot water systems.

The poll, conducted by Baxi Heating’s commercial brands, revealed that more than a third of heating engineer’s specifiers and customers asked were considering a hybrid system and just under a third said they had already used one.

Hybrid heating and hot water systems are seen as a good medium-term approach to decarbonisation and it is clear that heating professionals are trying to find new ways of responding to the heating and hot water needs of increasingly vast and varied property portfolios.

Hybrid systems are designed to provide heating and hot water by combining different technologies, while also reducing carbon emissions. They offer greater flexibility, but some technologies are still considered too costly.

Key Findings

  • 29% have already used a hybrid system


  • 37% considering a move to a hybrid system
  • 62% of those asked say cost was a primary concern.
  • Marketing from technology providers must improve, with 23% of those asked highlighting a need for greater awareness of the benefits of hybrids.
  • 15% said they thought that providers should focus on control strategies as a way to promote greater uptake.

Baxi Heating marketing director Andrew Keating said:


“The findings in our poll demonstrate a huge appetite for hybrid systems, which are really taking centre stage in the decarbonisation debate.”

“It’s a trend that makes a great deal of sense, given that multi-technology solutions offer improved reliability through built-in redundancy, maximise overall seasonal efficiency, and are a practical, affordable route to upgrading existing heating systems in order to lower the overall carbon footprint.”

“Our report highlights a significant opportunity for forward-thinking manufacturers in the shape if ongoing investment into the research and development of low-carbon technologies, and working alongside government in helping to design legislation that can support the future of our industry.”

Qualifications and training will depend on the types of hybrid systems you want to install. If you would like more information on the qualifications you may require please contact us. 

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