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LPGas appliances need servicing NOW!

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If you are an LPGas installer, winter is the best time to offer installation and maintenance services on those LPGas appliances that are used mainly during the rest of the year. Motoring caravans, static caravans, narrowboats, barges, sailing boats and yachts tend to be put in storage during the coldest months and not brought back out until spring, so this is the perfect time to install, service or repair the gas cookers and gas fires on board.

The popularity of these types of ‘holiday home’ is growing, as holidays abroad become prohibitively expensive in today’s brittle economic climate. This is true throughout the UK but much more so in the tourist hot spots. In these areas, demand for caravans, mobile homes, marine and canal boats is soaring and experienced LPGas installers are required to meet the potential corresponding increase in the need to install and service LPGas appliances. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must be appropriately skilled in the use of LPGas and understand how it differs from natural gas. Make sure your skills are up to date and don’t miss out on this burgeoning market!

Logic4training runs a range of LPGas training courses designed to up-skill suitable candidates in the installation, service and repair of domestic LPG appliances in boats, yachts, mobile homes, motoring caravans and static caravans, as well as permanent dwellings. If you are an experienced gas installer who already holds a current CCN1 or COCN1 certificate and you are interested in learning about LPGas, find out more here.

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