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Could becoming an electrician make you a good neighbour?

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According to a recent survey by the Edge Foundation, becoming an electrician could not only give you a new career, it could also make you a more desirable neighbour. In the survey, practical qualifications were favoured over degrees as the most highly rated skills in the community – Brits would rather live next door to an electrician than a doctor.

In fact, an electrician in the house next door was the second most popular choice, with plumber coming out on top. All ‘hands-on’ trades such as builders, carpenters and mechanics appeared in the top ten list of the most valued neighbourhood occupations. Neighbours with jobs in law, psychology and politics came lower down the scale of perceived value, with actors coming bottom of the pile.

The report has been produced by education charity, the Edge Foundation, to mark VQ Day 2015, the annual celebration of vocational qualifications. Edge found that nearly half of the population have required practical help over the last 12 months with the majority (56%) likely to call upon a neighbour for assistance in a crisis.


Most valued neighbour professions

  1. Plumber
  2. Electrician
  3. Doctor
  4. Builder
  5. Mechanic
  6. Carpenter
  7. Policeman
  8. Gardener
  9. Nurse
  10. IT technician

Least valued neighbour professions

  1. Actor
  2. Politician
  3. Psychologist
  4. Carer
  5. Footballer
  6. Musician
  7. Florist
  8. Lawyer
  9. Taxi Driver
  10. Seamstress

If you are looking to become an electrician and rise the ranks in the neighbourhood stakes, we have a number of routes available, including Logic4training’s Domestic Electrical Installer Course. The course takes around 4 weeks to complete and includes the following three courses:

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