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Looking for an alternative to New Career Skills?

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…We can help! Building services engineering training provider, New Career Skills, has gone into administration. Covering plumbing and electrical courses, Logic4training delivers all of the training, and more, that New Career Skills provided.

If you started a course with New Career Skills but are looking to continue your training elsewhere, please get in touch so we can help you complete your plumbing and/or electrical qualifications. You may not need to start from scratch either, we can review the training and experience you have already gained and fill in any gaps with minimal disruption to your time and pocket!

Logic4training has centres in Northolt, Basildon and Luton, within easy reach of many of New Career Skills’ previous centres.

So, if you started plumbing or electrical courses with New Career Skills but want to complete this training with a new provider, please contact Logic4training.

Please call 0345 845 7222, or email and let us provide an alternative to New Career Skills.



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