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Logic4training takes the pain out of the APL portfolio

September 28, 2012 featured image

The Approved Prior Learning (APL) programme is designed for new entrants to the gas industry with transferable skills; such as plumbers, kitchen fitters or those who have been working alongside a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The course culminates in ACS assessment, the legal requirement for trading as a gas installer.

One of the hardest parts of the APL programme is completing the portfolio, so in response to customer requests, we have launched a portfolio support service.

Not having access to a Gas Safe Registered engineer or locations to demonstrate the practical elements of the Approved Prior Learning course has put many suitable candidates off, not to mention the often difficult task of getting all relevant material together for final submission.

Logic4training’s portfolio support service:
• Source a Gas Safe Registered engineer for you to work alongside
• Provide properties for on-site tasks
• Assist in the completion of the portfolio

The APL programme is tailored to each individual candidate, as previous training and experience varies. As a first step, contact Logic4training to arrange a free informal induction interview where we will advise the best route to achieving ACS.

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