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Plumbers made the most money in January

March 3, 2020 featured image

Recent figures published by Hudson Contract, which provides pay roll services for the construction industry, show a significant rise in plumbers’ salaries across England and Wales.

Hudson Contract monitors the monthly earnings across the trades by analysing the payroll data of more than 2,200 construction companies in England and Wales.

Analysis of the figures show that of all 17 construction trades, plumbers had the highest earnings in January 2020.

What does a plumber earn?

Rates vary region by region but the average weekly pay for plumbers in January was £1,322.  Here are some examples:

  • Weekly earnings for freelance plumbers in the West Midlands more than doubled in January to £1,484. This is equivalent to an annual salary of more than £71,000.
  • Plumbers in London and the South East also saw substantial increases last month, rising 62.9% to £1,489 and 49.4% to £1,286 respectively.

Demand for plumbers

Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson Contract, said: “Overall, demand for skilled trades at the start of 2020 is much stronger than the start of 2019, which shows renewed confidence in the business outlook for the construction sector.

“As our figures show, self-employed plumbers are receiving handsome rewards for their services. This is a great advert for the construction industry. It shows young people that if they are prepared to put in the effort to learn a valuable skill, they can gain financial freedom and independence as a result.”

For more information on pay trends, visit:

How do I train as a plumber?

If you are looking for a new start this year, moving into a lucrative and rewarding career, have a look at our plumbing courses and set yourself on the right track.

Or download our free ‘Ultimate Guide to Plumbing Careers’, here.

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