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Contractors prioritise Legionella prevention

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Legionella prevention is the top consideration when specifying pipework systems

Legionella, the Bacteria associated with Legionnaires disease, is the top consideration when specifying pipework systems for hot water networks.

That’s according to research conducted by Durapipe UK, who questioned more than 500 building services contractors and consultants. The research was to find out what the current priorities are when specifying building products for building services applications.

86% of contractors and consultants stated that “preventing the risk of Legionella developing in pipework systems” is a major factor in the specification decision.

It shows that Legionella awareness has improved amongst the plumbing community over the last few years following an outbreak of Legionnaires disease in Edinburgh in 2012 and the subsequent outcome of the investigation (released in May 2015).

With sanitary hot water and air conditioning circuits most at risk of contamination from Legionella bacteria, it seems the pipework systems that serve these applications are being assessed for their suitability to limit bacteria growth.

Almost half (48%) of all those asked said that they always look at a pipework’s credentials for limiting deadly Legionella bacteria growth. 38% of those asked at least held it as a consideration for relevant applications.

Only 6% of those asked admitted that it was not something they usually thought about when selecting pipework products, perhaps showing that an improvement in education and training is leading to a greater understanding amongst contractors and installers.

Des Dolan, Durapipe’s building services brand manager said:

“It is positive to see so many people thinking about the impact of Legionella bacteria developing in pipework systems and looking to products that can limit growth.”

“Legionnaires disease is a very real risk and it is important to protect the public as much as possible from this threat. By specifying pipe solutions that can slow the process of bacterial growth, contractors and consultants can be confident they have installed a water or air conditioning system that is safe to use.”

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