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Plumbers and Merchants – Your role is changing

August 17, 2015 featured image

According to a recent survey by City Plumbing Supplies, a plumbing, heating and bathroom specialist, the role of installers, plumbers and merchants is evolving.

The survey shows that savvy home owners take a more informed route to purchasing their new bathroom, preferring to conduct independent, in-depth research before they make a decision.

This means that plumbers are now much more likely to recommend the use of a showroom or even accompany consumers during the purchase process.

70% of homeowners said that they would research bathroom products independently, while an overwhelming 85% agreed that they would prefer to visit a showroom to make an informed decision rather than rely solely on a brochure.

Clearly the bathroom is still seen as a big investment to home owners, meaning more care is taking in the choice of fittings etc. More trust is therefore placed on the plumber working on the bathroom to help the customer make the correct choices.

The role of the plumber must focus on ensuring practicality and functionality is prioritised alongside style and design.

Managing director of City Plumbing Supplies, John Frost, said:

“The role of the installer, and indeed the merchant, has greatly evolved over the last ten years. A considered purchase, backed by extensive research is now the norm but it’s still vital that trade expertise is applied at the design stage. This will ensure the homeowner receives the bathroom they dreamed of, while remaining functional for the practicalities of everyday life.


“Fortunately, merchants are rising to the challenge and providing bathroom showrooms that help with the selection process and are open to installers and their customers. The homeowner can see the products and feel the quality in person, while a team of showroom managers can talk them through their requirements to keep practical considerations, as well as aesthetics, front of mind on behalf on of the installer.”

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