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Plumbers – is it hard for your customers to find you?

 May, 25 - 2016   Plumbing

Good plumbers are hard to find, according to research commissioned by Toolstation!

Professional plumbers and heating engineers are in high demand – findings showed that more people looked to hire a professional for plumbing than any other home improvement.

While homeowners are not willing to risk attempting the job themselves, almost a third (27%) said that it had been “really difficult” to find a plumber.


Here are our tips to make sure you get found:


  1. Have a good website


Many of your customers will be standing ankle deep in water when they decide to call a plumber, in need of an instant fix.  Their first port of call will be the internet, so a simple and well set-out website covering all the capabilities of your business is key.


You can find more about how to create an engaging website in this blog post.


  1. Get to grips with social media


Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide business marketing and networking for free!

Popularity with the general public, attractive visual content and specific marketing tools mean social media sites are fast becoming the go-to marketing tool for small businesses, providing great opportunities for interacting with customers.

Read our blog post to help you get started!


  1. Take control of your online profile


Never put anything about your business online?  Whether you’ve created it or not, in this modern age there will be something about your business online; if you take control you can make it work for you.


The popularity of online referral sites is growing.  Your younger customers will be checking you out online, so it might be worth getting involved.


We’ve written a blog detailing all the options – have a read.


  1. Master the art of customer service!


Word of mouth recommendations are still the most important method of gaining custom – nearly half of the people surveyed said they would use someone they had hired previously.  When that fails, they choose the next best thing and ask family and friends for recommendations.

Impeccable customer service is key to making sure your name is on their lips – read our practical tips here.


  1. The traditional methods


There is no denying that traditional advertising methods can still bring in business.  Create a positive buzz about your business in your local area by posting flyers through letterboxes, ask local businesses, shops and cafes to display your business cards, and advertise in local papers and magazines.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; a simple digital strategy will complement the more traditional methods of spreading the word, so get started today.


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