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Plumbing courses – Logic4training’s plumbing courses for experienced plumbers

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We get a lot of enquiries and calls from people looking for plumbing NVQ’s and beginner plumbing courses. At present we don’t offer these in any of our training centres. Our plumbing courses are in fact for experienced plumbers, operatives and managers.

Our courses are primarily water treatment related.

Hot Water Systems & Safety (Inc Unvented HWS)

Logic4training’s Hot Water Systems and Safety (HWSS) replaces the unvented hot water course and covers all hot water systems.

The HWSS training course features the original content of the old unvented hot water systems training plus the requirements under G3 for both vented and unvented systems.

This is a one day course and is designed for operatives who do not have an up to date Unvented Hot Water Systems certificate. Re-assessment is for candidates whose qualifications has expired within the last 12 months.

This course is for experienced plumbers or installers who hold an NVQ level 2 or equivalent qualification.

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Water Regulations Course (WRAS)

WRAS is for heating and plumbing professionals who need to gain the knowledge of the Water Regulations (1999).

This is one of our most popular courses. Successful candidates will be able to apply to join their local water authorities “Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme”, a plumbing competent person scheme (CPS) or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registration bodies.

If you would like to take Logic4training’s WRAS course you must have 2 years plumbing experience or an NVQ/SNVQ Level 2, plus heat loss and hydraulic heating system design experience.

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Legionella Treatment courses

Logic4training’s Legionella treatment courses are designed for operatives and managers and cover how to control and maintain water systems, risk assessments and water treatment methods.

If you are an experienced plumber or manage a team of plumbers who work on water supply systems, Legionella prevention should be your top priority.

To take this course you need to hold a valid WRAS Water Regulations certificate.

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Contact our customer service team if you need more advice on Plumbing courses, email or call 0345 845 7222

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