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Air Source Heat Pumps join the Non-domestic RHI

June 11, 2014 featured image

New changes to the government’s non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will see air-to-water heat pumps finally included in the scheme, as well as a tariff increase for solar thermal technology, and a split tariff increase for ground source heat pumps.

Tariffs as follows:

  • Air-to-water heat pumps –  2.5p/kWh
  • Solar thermal technology – 9.2p/kWh
  • Ground source heat pumps – 8.7p/kWh for the first 1,314 hours of operation and 2.6p/kWh thereafter.

This is a welcome boost for the air source heat pump industry in particular, as the scheme had previously omitted air-to-water heat pump technology, but now recognises the significant role it has to play in delivering a cost-effective and sustainable means of heating commercial buildings.

Other key changes to the scheme include increased support for large biomass heat projects and the inclusion of:

  • Deep geothermal heating – 5p/kWh
  • Biomass combined heat and power (CHP) – 4.1p/kWh
  • Biogas technology – 5.9p/kWh for medium biogas (200kWth and above up to 600kWth)
  • 2.2p/kWh for large biomass (600kWth and above)

For full details and eligibility, visit Ofgem’s website.

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