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G-CERT Scheme launched by Grant

May 30, 2017 featured image

Leading heating manufacturer suppler Grant UK has launched a new scheme called G-CERT.

The new scheme will support engineers wanting to offer their end-users MCS compliant installations, without having to undertake MCS accreditation.

How does the G-CERT Scheme work?

Grant UK acts as the MCS accredited organisation so is able to certify renewable installations for MCS accreditation on behalf of the installer through G-CERT.

This allows the engineer to fit RHI eligible systems/installations for customers without being MCS accredited.

Grant also assists installers from  the early stages of an enquiry through to the completion of the installation. This includes  heat loss calculations through to completing the necessary registrations.

As a result, this means that the installer will spend less time at a desk doing MCS administration and more time on the road assisting customers.

Anna Wakefield, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager for Grant UK said:

“The time and costs associated with becoming MCS accredited can sometimes be off-putting for installers. G-CERT offers these engineers the opportunity to access customers which they would otherwise be unable to serve, delivering MCS compliant installations to customers wishing to claim RHI without having to operate their own MCS Quality Management System.”

Join the scheme!

If you are an installer and want to join the G-CERT scheme you must meet the eligibility criteria.

This is to make sure that the highest levels of quality workmanship and service are maintained so customers have a peace of mind with MCS compliant installations.

If you would like to know more visit:

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