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Could you be a heat pump installer?

October 9, 2014 featured image

Could you be a heat pump installer? Do you care about green issues and renewable energy? You might have a lot of questions about how to get into that sector, well we’re here to help!


Heat Pump customers

Heat pumps aren’t suitable for every home, working best in well-insulated buildings, ideally with underfloor heating – a good choice in a new build. Heat pumps are unlikely to lower the heating costs of a home already using a high efficiency gas boiler so will predominantly be RHI approved for homes relying on LPG, oil or electricity.


Ground Source Heat Pumps need plenty of outside space and therefore most suited to larger properties; they also have a higher initial outlay. Air Source Heat Pumps will be more practical for the majority of homes and are arguably the best renewable heat option for smaller properties looking to benefit from the RHI.

Heat Pump installers:

Many existing heating installers could also become heat pump installers; particularly of the Air Source variety. Ground Source Heat Pumps customers will predominantly be based in rural areas with large homes, but with off-gas smaller homes suitable for Air Source Heat Pumps, this technology meets the needs of a greater proportion of the UK.

Heat pump training pre-requisites:

Candidates must also hold all of the following qualifications (if they are not held as part of an NVQ):

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