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‘Keep FiTs’ campaign launched outside DECC

September 23, 2015 featured image

News of massive cuts to the Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) has sparked outrage amongst renewable installers, pro-green advocates and end users looking to cut bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Campaign group, 10:10 has consequently launched the ‘Keep FiTs’ campaign, installing a ‘phantom solar farm’ outside DECC’s Head Quarters in Whitehall.

The group has used ‘clean graffiti’ – blasting pollution from paving slabs to create an image – to create the image of a solar farm. The ‘Keep FiTs’ campaign has been instigated to highlight the social impacts of contentious proposals to cut the feed-in tariff by up to 87%.

Fits Graffiti

The graffiti 10:10 created outside the DECC

“How quickly these ghostly images fade depends on local environmental conditions, but we’re hoping they will last right up until the consultation closes on the 23rd October,” a statement issued by 10:10 read.

About 10:10

10:10 has been a vocal proponent of solar and championed its status in the UK market, most notably helping to promote solar installations on school buildings and its support of Balcombe, the West Sussex village which has pledged to go “100% solar” after being identified as a potential fracking hotspot.

Its latest campaign collates the stories of people and establishments, including schools, cathedrals and communities, which will be severely impacted by the proposals.

“The government’s own figures show there will be nearly a million fewer solar rooftops over the next five years if they go through with these cuts. The government wants to pull the plug on Britain’s solar revolution just as it is getting going,” Amy Cameron, campaign manager at 10:10, said.

Have your say

10:10 is currently conducting the ‘Keep FiTs’ survey, compiling views to put forward to government as part of the FiTs consultation. If you feel passionately (as we do) that massive cuts to green energy funding will be detrimental to the environment and the UK economy, fill in the ‘Keep FiTs’ survey, Here 

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