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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Premium Payment – coming soon

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The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is already available for commercial and large-scale installations, with domestic customers having to wait until October for their tariff levels to be revealed.

There is an opportunity for homeowners now, however, with the RHI Premium Payment.

From July, up to 25,000 households could benefit from renewable heating under the Premium Payment, which will supply funding towards the cost of heating systems such as solar thermal hot water, or wood biomass boilers.

In exchange, the government is looking for information from these end-users, such as how the technology works and how much money is saved, to help formalise the cash-back incentive.

When the domestic arm of the RHI kicks in properly, those benefitting from the Premium Payment will be able to apply for the final tariffs.

It is likely that homes eligible for the Premium Payment will be those off grid which already meet reasonable levels of energy-efficiency.

Going forward, the government is encouraging the take-up of energy-efficiency measures through its Green Deal, which will fund home improvements, such as insulation.

The full benefits of renewable heating technologies can only be experienced if homes retain warmth as much as possible.

Full details of the RHI Premium Payment will be published in May this year.

In order for homeowners to take advantage of the RHI Premium Payment, the installers and equipment they choose must be Micro-generation Scheme (MCS) accredited.

Logic4training’s renewables courses are approved by the MCS.

PDF Download – Department of Energy & Climate Change FAQ’s on the RHI Scheme

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