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Renting a Spare Room for Extra Cash taken to a New Level

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Solar For Free – Householders Be Warned
I came across this story in the Guardian via a colleagues newsletter and thought it not only very entrepreneurial but extremely amusing. It takes renting your spare room out to a new level…On a more sinister side could the industry get stigmatised by the old “double glazing” reputation of pressure selling??

Householders tempted by a rash of new “solar for free” offers could double their financial savings by paying for the panels themselves, experts have warned. The advice comes as installations of solar photovoltaic panels have exploded in the UK, with the number installed in four months in 2010 more than doubling on the whole of 2009 since a government financial incentive was launched in April.

Spurred by the new feed-in tariff scheme that pays small scale generators of green electricity, a glut of companies are offering to fit thousands of homes with solar panels for free. Under the “rent your roof” model, the companies earn the tariff worth approximately £835 a year and the homeowner benefits from an annual saving of around £110 off their electricity bill. Homesun, ISIS Solar and A Shade Greener are three of the firms planning to do a deal with more than 120,000 homeowners by 2015, with Homesun promising to fit 2,000 homes in the next 12 months.

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