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Renewable Heat Premium Payment announced

July 22, 2011 featured image

Yesterday (21st July) the Government announced details of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) – available from 1st August – which will give qualifying customers access to funding for the installation of renewable heating systems, in advance of the full RHI scheme being launched in October.

The focus of the Premium Payment will be homeowners currently relying on off-gas means of heating, such as oil and electricity, which can prove extremely expensive. Money will be available for up to 25,000 installations over the next year, with grants awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Under the Premium Payment, homeowners can access up to £950 towards the cost of installing a biomass boiler, £1,250 for a ground source heat pump, £850 for an air source heat pump and £300 toward solar hot water panels. Solar thermal is available to any household, but in order for your customers to access biomass or heat pump funding, end-users will need to ensure they have basic energy efficiency measures in place. Priority will be given to the 5.5 million households in Britain not heated by mains gas.

To take advantage of the increase in demand for renewable heating the RHPP will create, installers must make sure they are microgeneration scheme (MCS) accredited, part of which includes undertaking the relevant training. In the case of the Premium Payment this will be particularly relevant to rural installers, who may have access to the greatest number of customers eligible for the scheme.

Logic4training delivers heat pump and solar thermal installation courses which meet the requirements of the MCS.

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