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Could your elderly customers be putting themselves at risk?

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A new report from TrustMark claims that the over 65s are avoiding having home repairs undertaken through fear and anxiety of finding a trustworthy tradesperson.

Figures from the report show that almost a quarter, (23 per cent), of 65+ year olds don’t know where to find information and are not confident when it comes to choosing a tradesman to carry out work in their homes. As a result, one in five older people are leaving household jobs and repairs or attempting to carry out work themselves.

What is more worrying is that only two per cent are choosing a tradesperson based on whether or not they hold an appropriate qualification.

Do you have a customer base of elderly or vulnerable people that could be putting themselves at risk? Why not explain and encourage them to have the essential gas or electric maintenance checks that could keep them safe and their appliances working. As well as seeing you as helpful and professional, your guidance could secure more business now and in the future.

Top tips to help your clients:

  • Refer them to the Gas Safe Register to check an engineer is legal and qualified
  • Make sure you carry your Gas Safe Register ID Card to reassure them that you have the necessary qualifications – show your unique licence number!
  • If they can’t get hold of you, leave the Gas Safe Registered number so they can source a reputable gas engineer in their area (0800 408 5500). They can also do this online if they have access to the internet
  • Make sure you explain the dangers of leaving gas or electrical appliances unchecked, such as gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. It would be well worth explaining signs and symptoms to look out for.

Make sure your qualifications are up to date – Click Here for our full range of domestic gas courses.

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