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Gas safe – According to survey awareness is still lacking

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The other morning whilst on my commute to work I saw a poster on the tube from the charity Shelter. It highlighted the need to understand the problems of safety in rented properties and stay gas safe.

The lack of new affordable homes means people are living in ageing properties, with old, potentially deadly appliances.

The posters message is a powerful one for all of us. Gas and electric related deaths should be completely avoidable with the proper checks.

With the somewhat alarming statistic that one in ten adults in Britain thinks they have experienced carbon monoxide poisoning in their home (that’s according to CORGI homeplan anyway) perhaps there’s still work to be done on gas safety awareness.

Since working at Logic4training I have become far more aware of the responsibility landlords have in making sure annual safety checks are carried out. I am not a trainer, I have never been an installer so I often wonder if I would be as aware of certain things if I did not work with gas and electrical installers on a day to day basis.

Would I, for example, really know what a dangerous gas flame looks like? Would I know that in a rented property a boiler must be checked once per year? Would I know about the need for a gas engineer to renew their ACS every 5 years. Would I even know what ACS was?!

We’ve been producing videos to help keep your customers gas safe…

Due to the colourless, odourless nature of Carbon Monoxide, it’s very easy to forget about it and think “It won’t happen to me”. Maybe it’s just human nature to think that something won’t happen to you until it does.

So it surprised me to learn that, according to a recent survey, more people are affected by Carbon Monoxide poisoning than I thought.

The Survey

Corgi HomePlan has released the results of a survey it has conducted this year (2015) of UK households. The results show a shockingly high number of people in Britain are affected by Carbon Monoxide and have, potentially, put their lives at risk through lack of knowledge or worse, carelessness.


Research conducted by Corgi HomePlan revealed the following:

  • 1 in 10 adults has experienced carbon monoxide poisoning
  • 1 in 11 knows someone who has been poisoned
  • That’s 8.4 million British people that have or that know someone who has been poisoned
  • 13 million homes in Britain at risk of being exposed to dangerous levels of CO

The survey was conducted with 2,000 homeowners as part of CORGI HomePlan’s campaign to keep UK homes safe and warm this winter. They are giving away free carbon monoxide alarms to the public via their website (whilst stocks last) and have also produced a guide.

We in the industry, must continue to be the advocates of safety in the home. Raising awareness with ad campaigns (like Shelter, Gas Safe Register and Corgi HomePlan) is a great way to keep it in the front of people’s minds.

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