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Get Gas Safe!

July 21, 2014 featured image

With less than two months to go, we are gearing up for Gas Safety Week 2014, which takes place from 15th-21st September!

Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of your gas appliances. Across the country, organisations from sole trader to multi-million pound businesses join forces to promote gas safety to the UK’s 21 million homes with gas.

As ever we are supporting the campaign, helping to raise awareness of gas safety and the need for consumers to make sure they choose registered engineers to carry out any gas work in their homes. We hope all of our ACS trained installers regularly highlight the potential dangers of gas leaks in the home and the signs and affects of CO poisoning. And, remember! Always show your Gas Safe Register ID card!

A tool kit is available for installers wanting to help promote the scheme, which is definitely worth your while given that some 18 per cent of companies that took part last year reported an increase in business!

The toolkit includes Gas Safety Week logo’s and messages to update marketing materials with; such as fliers and websites, plus tips to maximise this event: spreading the word through twitter and Facebook and promoting gas safety to internal staff, via intranets and emails.

If you haven’t pledged your support to gas safety week yet there is still time – Here

Be a hero!

This year’s focus is YOU! Gas Safety Week is putting registered engineers at the heart of the story, seeking out ‘Gas Safe Heros’ willing to tell their tale of how they’ve help keep homes, families and communities safe from serious gas incidents or faulty gas work and appliances!

Click here to share your stories – become a ‘Gas Safe Hero!’!

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