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Should you help customers fit CO alarms?

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Installers, are you doing enough to help your customers fit CO alarms?

Over 50% of home owners, tenants and private renters in England and Wales are not doing enough to protect themselves against the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO). A new survey from YouGov for Honeywell has found that people are still failing to have CO alarms installed in their homes.

Although there is still debate over the exact figures where deaths linked to CO poisoning are concerned, the department of health estimates that each year in England and Wales there are approximately 4,000 visits to hospital A&E departments as a result of accidental CO poisoning. Most of these visits could be avoided if a CO alarm was properly installed.

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Some of the statistics at a glance:

  • Of the 2,882 respondents who acknowledged knowing what CO is, only 47% of those have CO alarms
  • 49% of the respondents have regular servicing of their domestic appliances that can emit CO.
  • 88% of respondents agreed that they would not be able to tell by smell if there was a CO leak in their home.
  • More than 75% of respondents said they would follow a tradesperson’s recommendation about which alarm to buy
  • 76% said they would buy one from an engineer servicing their home if they offered to fit it and the price was reasonable (food for thought)

We always champion safety, especially where Carbon monoxide is concerned. This new survey offers up some interesting opinions from the public, notably that they would fit alarms if an installer recommended one to them.

Is this something that you as installers talk about with your customers? Have you considered offering alarms to sell?

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