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Awareness of electrical cables can be lifesaving: Think before you drill!

September 9, 2016 featured image

Life can be lost within seconds or terrible life-changing burns inflicted if you come into contact with electricity.

UK Power Networks says the number of safety incidences whereby trades people have accidently drilled into service cables entering properties, or hit the service cables when digging is steadily rising.

These incidences have resulted in electric shocks, burns, and in some cases required hospital treatment.

In response to this UK Power Networks is increasing its public safety messages and raising awareness of the dangers of electricity cables, whether they are overhead, buried underground, or in the walls of buildings.

Take a moment to locate cables

The ‘Think before you drill’ initiative aims to remind trades people including builders, electricians, plumbers and engineers to:

  1. Work safe
  2. Make use of cable locating tools
  3. Think electricity!

The simple step of taking a moment to accurately locate service cables before starting work at a property can avoid all this and ultimately mean you return home safe that night to your family and friends.

Be aware, stay safe

UK Power Networks’ vast cable systems deliver more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity making sure the lights stay on across London, the South East and the East of England.

It’s proud of its strong safety record, and part of that success is to raise awareness across many industries of the potential dangers of coming into contact with the electricity network.

UK Power Networks has produced a wealth of electricity safety information and leaflets that can be downloaded for free from their website, including:

Digging Safely Underground

General Safety Leaflet

For more information on electrical safety, visit UK Power Networks or the HSE website.

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