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UK homeowners scrimp on safety!

March 16, 2015 featured image

Are your customers putting themselves in danger? Are they spending what little spare cash they have on life’s luxuries, while vital home maintenance such as fixing major plumbing problems go untouched?

Statistics from a new study, carried out by Watersafe, the national plumbing assurance scheme, show a whopping 50 per cent of respondents admitted to putting off fixing any faulty work for as long as possible.

Figures also reveal that 87 per cent of Brits have less disposable income than five years ago – an average of £222 less per month. 68 per cent claim they’ve had no option but to put vital maintenance low on their list of jobs for a least a year, with a further 12 per cent not doing any  work on their home since 2010. It seems, as a nation, we favour booking holidays, eating out and beauty treatments, which were among the top ten financial priorities!

A spokesperson from Watersafe, said: “Our survey results are very concerning. Safety in the home and addressing essential maintenance should be a priority and cannot be compromised.

“If a plumbing issue, for example, is left unattended, homeowners not only run the risk of unsafe water posing a danger to their family but the issue could escalate, leading to thousands of pounds in essential repair work.

“Our message is simple; always address any plumbing issues straightaway by calling in a professional plumber who is properly qualified and registered with Watersafe.”

Plumbers pledge!

Make sure you keep a close eye on your customer base for any potential plumbing problems; call-up homeowners you think might be a risk of sweeping issues under the carpet and be sure to book in regular servicing or maintenance procedures to avoid them putting their homes and families at risk. Flagging up urgent jobs could help save your customers vital cash in the long run!

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