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Warning: Non-approved Flue Systems!

March 29, 2017 featured image

Installers, be aware and take extra caution when ordering online as the number of non-approved flue systems and controls is increasing!

Simply put what this means is that some flue systems sold online may say they are compatible with certain manufacturers’ boiler models, when they haven’t actually been tested, approved or certified.

It’s important installers are aware of this as using non-approved systems can put their customers safety at risk.

This urgent warning has come from the Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester, Bosch Group Martyn Bridges.

Martyn Bridges has commented;

“We’re seeing a growing number of suppliers sell generic heating accessories such as flue kits that they claim are compatible with a given manufacturer’s boiler, but have never actually been tested to the required standards.”

“While these products may match the physical size and dimensions of the manufacturer’s flue, it is important for installers to realise that the absence of a CE mark means there is no proof that they meet the UK’s safety, health and environmental requirements. Worse still, with no testing having taken place, there is no evidence or guarantee that the flue kit won’t be susceptible to damage such as freezing, cracking, or degrading in the sun.”

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