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Smart Meter Installer Jobs

September 9, 2015 featured image

Smart meter employment opportunities

Becoming a smart meter installer could prove an excellent career move, with the UK roll out starting ‘officially’ from the beginning of next year – some energy providers have started to install smart meters already. Here’s our guide to smart meter employment:


What can a smart meter installer earn?

Trainee smart meter apprentices, start on £13,000 a year. Once qualified, this can rise to £21,000. Experienced smart meter installers, working on short-term contracts, may be able to earn between £24,000 and £30,000.

Some companies may include expenses and mileage as part of the salary package. Smart meter engineers with dual fuel smart meter qualifications will be in particular demand, and could possibly expect to command higher salaries.

Finding smart meter jobs

There are a number of routes to gaining smart meter employment. Some of the utility providers are offering smart meter apprentices and there are also smart meter jobs available for those who have already completed smart meter training.

You can find smart meter jobs advertised through recruitment companies (type ‘smart meter jobs’ into google). The National Careers Service website has smart meter installer opportunities listed, or go direct to the Utility Providers (the usual suspects, such as British Gas, SSE, N Power) have all got careers pages dedicated to becoming a smart meter installer, the positions available and details of their smart meter apprenticeship routes.

There are also smart meter employment opportunities available through specialist installation firms and housing associations.


Could you be a smart meter installer?

Smart meter installers will come from a range of different backgrounds, a mix of complete new entrants and existing building services installers.

Some companies have estimated that, at peak times, they will potentially need four times their current level of staff. Conservative estimates from EU Skills’ workforce planning model (based on a dual-fuel installer scenario) suggest that up to 6,300 installers will be required to complete the smart metering rollout across the UK up to 2019. EU Skills also indicates that there could be a need for around 4,000 new recruits during this period.

You don’t need any specific qualifications to start training as a Smart Meter installer though some employers may prefer you to have a minimum of four GCSEs or equivalent. Qualifications in maths, English, science, design and technology or electronics would all be useful.

There are smart meter training courses for electrical, gas and dual fuel meters, with a range of routes, including apprenticeships, depending on experience.

Logic4training will be offering smart meter courses, for more information, click here.

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