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How are gas installers making the most of technology?

February 11, 2015 featured image

Technology and the internet have revolutionised the way Installers work. With online resources becoming common place, we look at how things have changed for the modern heating engineer and how mobile technology affects the career.

Tablets and mobiles have become an almost in-escapable part of our lives over the last 5 years. The initial appearance of the iPad had people wondering if it would work or not. Fast forward to the present and we have a competitive market, from budget tablets to the upmarket tablets apple has to offer.

Smartphones have become a pretty essential tool for tradesmen. With near constant internet connection and with it a tonne of resources, installers in particular can rely on a completely new digital toolkit when on site.

Manufacturers and training centres like Logic4training are taking advantage of all the new technology and encouraging installers to become more tech savvy by providing online resources designed to help them work more efficiently, as well as providing online training resources (ClubLogic).

Jobs that may have taken a long time can now be cut in half as there is now instant communication between installer and manufacturer via the net.

visit gas safe register onlineGas Safe register has an excellent online section for registered gas engineers

Product installation and instruction manuals are still important but the manner in which heating engineers are accessing and using them is changing. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the literature is much more flexible. There is no need to stock a vast collection of books, taking up space and invariably getting lost or damaged beyond use. A digital library of manuals can now be built up, the right manual or schematics searched for and found in minutes, even seconds.

Check out our top apps for tradesmen Here

Video guides have also, inevitably, become a go to for the modern engineer. Our own online resource, ClubLogic, includes videos for Logic4training CCN1 candidates, as well as documentation and quizzes.

clublogic online

ClubLogic is fully mobile, you can use it on your tablet or smartphone

The videos have proven to be incredibly popular with our customers and our aim is to create more “guide” type videos ourselves, designed to be accessed on-site or before a job by installers. It’s an on-going project, with the experienced trainers from our centres all having an input.

“How to” guides are amongst the most searched for videos on Youtube, which has opened the door for manufacturers to support their products with video guides.

Of course there is no substitute for hands-on training at a modern, high spec training centre but online developments, smartphones and tablets are enhancing the process of working and training in the Gas trade.

Learn more about ClubLogic, Click Here

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