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Warnings on security for smart heating technology

April 13, 2016 featured image

Installers are being asked to take care when recommending smart heating technology amid fears that customers personal data could be stolen.

Technology moves so fast it’s often the case that we adopt a new device before fully understanding the potential pitfalls.

With well-publicised issues surrounding the theft of personal data, installers are being urged to place greater focus on how information is collected and treated by internet-connected heating controls.

Smart heating controls and the so called “Internet of Things” are becoming more and more common place and are only set to increase.

With a plethora of these devices having been introduced recently one of the biggest barriers installers face when talking about heating controls is the potential danger involved in opening up one’s home to the internet.

While it should be made clear that there is a distinction between the information collected by heating controls and other personal devices, there have been some nightmare tales in the media and this is scaring off consumers.

Are the reports just scaremongering or should we be worried?


What sort of data could be stolen and how could it be used against someone?

One example given, and there is evidence of this, if the owner switched their device to holiday mode, the knowledge that there will be uninterrupted entry to somebody’s home could potentially be open to the outside world.

Clearly this is not a comforting thought.

What should installers do?


Our advice is to make sure you do your research properly. Look at security features, encryption and reputation as well as functionality and ease of use.

Make sure you recommend controls that guarantee no information leaves the home – or even the device itself.

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