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Winter Tips For Trades People

November 9, 2016 featured image

With the temperature expecting to drop below freezing this week, its time you prepare yourself for a tough couple of weeks at work. 

We have found some tips/advice (courtesy of Simply Business) for you to follow to ensure that you’re working in the safest possible environment.

We’re aware that many of you don’t work outside, but if you do or have a friend that does please share this article.

Appropriate Clothing 

There’s nothing worse than working on a flue when your entire body is numb from the cold. It’s pretty much impossible to concentrate when your body is placed in such cold conditions.

So at some point this week try remember to spare a couple of hours to look for affordable winter weather clothing. (Waterproofs, fleeces and thermals).

Don’t forget to look for boots that can withstand wet and icy conditions too.


Change Your Schedule

With evenings becoming darker and longer it could feel like you are losing hours. The best solution for this could be to start the work day earlier.

For longer projects, try and plan ahead by completing all outside work prior to any indoors work. This way when the winter days approach you can be in a safe, warm well-lit environment.

Stop Working

In very dark, wet or stormy conditions sometimes the best solution is to not work at all.  Many consider it better to lose a days pay than to put themselves and others at risk.

However, if you make the choice to go and work in bad weather conditions make sure that all tools need for the job are safe to use in the conditions.

Tradesman Insurance

There’s nothing worse than having your business put on hold because the worst has happened thanks to working in cold, icy or wet conditions.

So to avoid making your business anymore vulnerable than it already is, ensure you have the right insurance in place. This could be anything from public liability insurance to tool insurance.

Hope you found this useful!

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