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Bespoke training benefits business

August 1, 2016 featured image

66% of employers who had identified skills gaps in their workforce reported these as having an impact on their organisation’s performance, according to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Survey which questioned 91,000 employers in 2015.

Bespoke training can help businesses to plug these skills gaps, using courses tailored to the specific requirements of a business to upskill the workforce from within, fine tuning performance and ensuring quick and effective response to the changing needs of the industry.

It’s the smart choice for businesses looking to grow through investment in their staff, developing skills whilst making the most of their training budget.

Cut recruitment costs

Upskilling reduces staff turnover, meaning recruitment costs are saved.

Although going down the bespoke training route does require the business to fork out somewhat initially, the costs of upskilling will pay dividends for the future of the business.  Investment in staff is a great motivator!

Targeted training creates a happy and well-balanced workforce, and an employee who is satisfied with their job and excels with their workload is invaluable to any business.

Move with the pace of change

The building services and engineering sector is moving fast – new technology is rapidly developing and health and safety requirements ever changing.

Through bespoke training, businesses can be dynamic, offering new services and meeting new business demands whenever they crop up.

A more knowledgeable workforce means staff are always on top of their game, able to communicate, participate and contribute more effectively as well as providing a top notch customer service.

One size does not fit all


Generic training courses will often miss the mark when it comes to plugging a specifically identified skills gap.

For training to be meaningful it needs to be relevant and practical – ‘training for training’s sake’ is a significant waste of time and money.

Employees’ individual needs must also be considered.  They will each have different roles and tasks, and varying training requirements meaning in many cases, blanket training courses will not maximise workforce potential or budget.

We can help

If you feel there is a need for additional training in your business we are confident that we can help.

At Logic4training, we provide a bespoke service, analysing information provided by you to develop a unique training programme that is right for you. Download and complete the form and send it to

Contact us today to see how we can make a difference to your business. 

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