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Price Point Survey – The results are in!

November 4, 2016 featured image

We had a fantastic response to our Price Point survey last month, so thanks to everyone who took part!

We know how hard you work, so we really appreciate the fact that so many of you took the time out of your busy schedules to complete the survey.

Logic4training was set up for installers, by an installer.  Meeting our customers’ needs by providing top quality, professional, industry-based training is the absolute core of what we do and we’re always striving to provide a better service.

We appreciate that not all training is the start of an exciting new business venture; most of you come to us for training that is a legal requirement of your trade, for example ACS Qualifications for gas installers.  You’ve told us before how stressful the CCN1 course can be, not to mention a big expense, so we wanted to know how much bang you expect for your buck!

How much is quality training worth to you, and what elements of training are most important to you?


What you said…

  • You value quality training and you’re willing to pay more for it. Almost 50% would consider paying more for courses run by industry pros, with 40% saying reputation is worth paying more for.
  • You’re looking for industry experienced trainers. Over 60% said this was one of the most important factors when choosing a training provider.
  • You need training to be flexible. Unsurprisingly, in a sector where many installers’ diaries are full, the capability to offer flexible learning options was flagged up as valuable.  Around 30% of recipients said that flexible learning options were important, with a similar number stating they would  pay more for weekend, evening and part-time courses.
  • Price tag does matter, and you’re looking for reasonable costs. Just over a quarter of you said price was one of the most important factors when choosing a training provider.
  • You expect your training provider to go the extra mile. Over 40% said they would sway towards a training provider that offered free support material and revision aids on top of their basic training.

We’re pleased to say that we are already ticking boxes by delivering high quality training and assessment packages, run by industry experienced trainers at top spec facilities.


Our free e-learning support, ClubLogic, was rolled out a couple of years ago to those taking certain courses, including CCN1 re-assessment, New Entrant Domestic Electrical Installer Course, APL and Domestic Gas Heating Installer courses, providing additional revision sources, tips and access to forums and a private support group.


A more flexible future?

Regular surveys of our customers help us to continually identify areas of our service that need improvement.

What we’ve taken from this survey is that you need training to match up to your schedule – this means more evening, weekend and part-time training options.

We’ve taken your comments on board and will be working towards possibly improving our course flexibility in the future.

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