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Short courses – use what you know to learn something new

May 15, 2017 featured image

Short courses get a bad rep from experienced trades-people but is this warranted or is it just another case of the building services industry moving with the fast-paced times we live in?

‘Up-skilling’ is the new buzzword in our industry and being adaptable in the current climate has got to be a positive thing.

If you want to diversify or add another string to your bow, a short course could be a shrewd investment and a great way to reinvigorate your career.

Training provision can be broken down into two broad groups – entry-level and experienced worker routes.

Entry-level refers to school leavers, for example, who might undertake an apprenticeship, which offers formal training and on-the-job experience over a number of years.

For candidates with relevant experience or pre-existing qualifications in related trades, short courses might be an option.

Logic4training offers a range of courses for candidates with transferable skills, such as plumbers looking to become gas installers, or kitchen fitters up-skilling to become electricians.

These courses are designed to supplement your existing area of expertise, culminating in relevant industry qualifications – ACS for Gas Safe Registration, for example – which will mean you can take on more and varied work in the future.

A cost-effective investment

Good short courses need to be time efficient.

They minimise time away from work (and hence lost income) so are a cost-effective investment with a fast payback.

Offering great value for money, they can provide a flexible opportunity to learn new skills with a mixture of theory and practical work.

The short courses we offer are aimed at tradespeople with a range of experience and suit those who fancy diversifying or keeping abreast with new technologies.

They’re also a great way to fill gaps in knowledge – you may, for one reason or another, have missed or simply never quite understood something – a short course can be an opportunity to re-visit subject areas. We also offer access to Club Logic with many of our courses, which provides an online revision resource, ideal for refreshing knowledge.

To get the most from a short course, delegates should be ready for intensive days of study (so they should not be on standby the night before, for example). Self-study material and preparation in advance of the course may also help.

We offer the chance to explore the idea of pursuing one of our New Entrants courses at a group overview session where we will explain the course content and assess whether a particular programme is right for you. There is no cost for this.

What’s on Offer?

We’re proud to offer a range of courses providing a sound foundation for career development. For example, if you are looking to switch careers or strengthen your skills in the gas installation sector take a look at our Domestic Gas Heating Installer (DGHI) – New Entrants Course. 

Designed for candidates with related but not specific gas experience, our seven weeks in-centre course, supported by on-line training and assessment, covers all the required areas to becoming a Domestic Gas Heating Installer.

If you’re looking to embark on a career in gas but don’t know which route is right for you our new Ultimate Guide to Careers in Gas could help.

Similarly, our New Entrant Domestic Electrical Installer Course offers a practical career path for anyone looking to break into the electrical trade and gain the skills and knowledge needed to join an electrical Competent Persons Scheme.

All topics are broken down into easy-to-digest sections, and include a varied mix of practical and classroom learning.

And finally, Logic4training’s Introductory OFTEC Oil Fired Training Course is aimed at new entrants to the oil fired heating industry.

It’s an excellent starting point for those seeking to develop a career in this area as it is accepted as an entry qualification for those wishing to move on to the three main OFTEC Assessments OFT10-101, 105E and 600A.

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