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Success for those prepared to give learning a second chance

May 13, 2019 featured image

At Logic4training we pride ourselves on the fact that we really care about our trainees and try to offer them the support and help they need in taking a new career path.

We’re more than happy to hear from those who feel they’ve been let down by school and are keen turn their lives around.

Our Director, Mark Krull spoke to  Arunbir Bahia, who fell into trouble after years spent struggling at school.

He completed Logic4training’s Gas Managed Learning Programme (MLP) recently and is now working as a gas engineer in the South East.

MK: Good to see you again, Arun, how are you getting on?

AB: Fantastic!  I’m working for a company based in Reigate and really enjoying it. I’m planning to get married next year and want to buy a house so it’s great having a decent income now. It means I’ll be able to apply for a mortgage – I tried last year and the banks wouldn’t look at me!

MK: How did you came to train with Logic4training?

AB: A friend recommended you. I’d been working as a plumber for my Dad for a number of years and fancied a change. I’d been in a bit of trouble as a teenager. I hated school and learning with books so wanted to do something practical.

I started an NVQ in plumbing back in 2005, but the company I was doing it with went bust in the middle of it and left me high and dry. That’s when I started helping my Dad. He had a property business, so I was able to get a lot hands on experience.

MK: That must have helped you with your application to our MLP?

AB: Yeah, it did. When I first rang Logic4training I spoke to Pauline in the office, who said I’d need to come in and meet with an assessor – to see whether I could sign up to the MLP and take things further.  I went to the assessment and to be honest, felt a bit overwhelmed by it all – I left before it ended.  The next day, Pauline rang me to find out what had gone wrong. It was then that I realised that you really care about your trainees and that you wouldn’t let me down. I signed up for the course and since then, honestly, I’ve never looked back. The course was fantastic. The tutors and assessors were brilliant; I’d give them all a straight 10/10!

Because they’ve all had hands-on experience working in the trades, they really know what they’re talking about. I’m a visual learner so all the practical stuff really helped me. Straight away, they got us all working well as a group and you could really see how everyone’s confidence grew as we worked through the course.

The other thing that was really good were the Club Logic videos. It was great to be able to re-cap everything we’d done during the day in the workshop, at home in the evening by watching the videos – they were brilliant. After the initial training, I decided to do the portfolio part of the qualification with Logic4training too and I’m really glad I did.

Before the course finished, my Dad died, in fact it was just before the final assessment!  It had been a really difficult year with him being ill – it was a horrible time. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, at Logic was incredibly supportive and helped me get through it. As far as I’m concerned Logic4training is worth its weight in gold!

To find out more about our range of ACS qualifications, please click here. Or ring our helpline on 0208 845 7222 to find out what Logic4training can offer you.

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