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The Skills Gap needs filling – The UK needs YOU

July 21, 2015 featured image

A ‘skills emergency’ calls for fast action!


According to new reports, UK firms are not just facing a skills gap; it is now a skills emergency so says this year’s CBI report, which further highlighted that construction companies will be of the most hard-pressed to find skilled workers.

The survey, which covered 310 companies, revealed that two in every three businesses (68 per cent) expect their need for staff with higher level skills to grow in the years ahead, but more than half of those surveyed (55 per cent) fear that they will not be able to access enough workers with the required skills.

With an apprenticeship levy for larger employers set to be introduced following the Budget, the CBI has raised its concerns that while it may fund more apprenticeships to meet the government’s target of three million, it will not deliver the high-quality, business relevant training needed, and do little to help small or medium sized businesses.

In a bid to make our mark on closing the skills gap and help the smaller firms, we have recently launched two New Entrants Packages providing a brand new, simplified route for those looking to become an ACS/Gas Safe Registered or a Domestic Electrical Installer.

For those taking up the Domestic Gas Heating Engineer route, the seven-week programme combines all the required fields and practical skills in one digestible package. In addition, candidates will gain access to Clublogic – our online learning site, providing addition learning and revision support on top of the programme, as well as Health and Safety elements.

For those looking to enter the electrical sector, the course takes around four weeks to complete and includes training and assessment on all the essential aspects of the profession, delivered by our expert trainers, including the following 3 courses:

To make the first step on the ladder to a rewarding career, call our customer service team on 03458457222.

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