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Due to COVID19 unfortunately we have had to temporarily close all of our centres but we can still be contacted by email and via the website, please use link For further information click here

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Training for Ex-BTSC Chessington candidates

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Unfortunately for its students, building services training provider, BTSC in Chessington, has stopped trading.

For many, this means courses have been stopped prior to completion, with money wasted on training that may never be finished.

If you were previously undertaking BTSC courses and the companies demise has left you with incomplete training, Logic4training can help. We cover all of the courses previously delivered by this centre, including Gas ACS, plumbing, renewables and electrical training. We’re happy to pick up where BTSC left-off and can tailor programmes to suit the level to which you may already be trained.

Many of the BTSC courses affected by this situation are extremely important for the candidates involved. Gas ACS is a necessary requirement of joining the Gas Safe Register, electricians and plumbers cannot trade legally without the correct qualifications and BTSC trained installers wanting to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) and Green Deal, may miss out if they don’t complete the courses already started.

Give us a call, 0345 845 7222, or email, to find out how we can help top-up your training where BTSC left-off.

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