Logic4training’s Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) and the AM2S & AM2E End Point Assessment (EPA) are the electrotechnical industry standard assessment for electrical competence, forming an essential part of the Electrotechnical Apprenticeship. AM2 and AM2S and AM2E assessments are available at our Luton centre.

AM2, AM2S and AM2E Practical Assessments Explained

  • The AM2S assessment should be taken by Electrotechnical Apprentices who are training against the current Apprenticeship Standard (not Framework, this is still the AM2).
  • AM2 should be taken by apprentices completing an older Apprenticeship Framework or undertaking the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment.
  • AM2E is for learners on the new 2346-03 Experienced Worker Qualification and will be available at NET test centres from the 1st October 2020.

Section A1, B, C1, C2, and D are the same time limits for all three AM2 assessments. However, the time limit changes for the Composite Installation (Section A), as shown below. The extra time allowed for the AM2-S and AM2-E is for the installation of a small section of Steel Conduit and PVC Conduit.

  • Section A1: Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment – 45 mins
  • Section A: Composite Installation;
    • AM2 (8.5 hours)
    • AM2S and AM2E (10 hours)
  • Section B: Inspection, Testing and Certification – 3.5 hours
  • Section C1: Safe Isolation – 30 mins
  • Section C2: Fault Diagnosis and Rectification – 2 hours
  • Section D: Assessment of Applied Knowledge – 1 hour