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Logic4training’s LPG Changeover course is for registered domestic gas operatives who wish to upskill into LPG fired appliances.

Suitable candidates must hold a current CCN1 or COCN1 certificate. The course includes CCLP1 PD; installation servicing and repair of domestic appliances in permanent dwellings.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, also known as propane or butane) is an alternative fuel used in heating appliances, cooking equipment and leisure accommodation vehicles, including boats, yachts, campervans and caravans.

This LPG Changeover course is for experienced operatives who wish to undertake commissioning, installation, service and repair of LPG appliances in permanent dwellings (CCLP1 PD) and other premise types.

Please note: This course consists of CONGLP1PD (LPG Changeover – Permanent Dwellings) only.

Alternatively, we run an LPG package course which includes CONGLP1 (LPG Changeover) plus separate LPG categories as required.