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Save 50% on our electrical energy storage systems (EESS) course when you book with solar photovoltaic (PV) training.

The battery storage course is for experienced electricians, providing the skills and theory to install and maintain Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS).

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Electrical Energy Storage Systems or ‘battery storage’ allow homeowners to store power, usually generated by renewable technology.

Most commonly linked to solar PV, electrical energy storage systems (EESS) are growing in popularity, helping consumers to use electricity in the most cost-effective way by more than doubling self-consumption – with current energy prices sky high, there is more money to be saved in using power generated rather than selling it back to the grid.

Battery storage can also be used without solar (or wind), allowing savvy homeowners to store electricity at cheaper times for use during peak demand.

The LCL Awards Level 3 Qualification in the Design, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical Energy Storage Systems is for experienced electrical operatives, providing the skills and theory required to join this emerging marketplace.

The ideal accompaniment to solar photovoltaics, the course covers the installation and maintenance of EESS/battery storage systems, including practical training on purpose-built rigs, regulations and safety considerations.

Candidates will learn how to correctly size a battery based on individual applications in order to meet customer needs and ensure optimum energy bill savings.

The course is recognised by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) – successful candidates can use it towards gaining MCS accreditation. An MCS certified system will give customers peace of mind, is a pre-requisite of any grants that may be available and will help end-users achieve the best export tariffs for power returned to the grid.