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Logic4training Guides – The Ultimate Guide to Careers in the Commercial Gas Sector

 Mar, 11 - 2019   Guides

The commercial building construction industry is buoyant at the moment. Its performance, always subject to external factors, such as fluctuations in the economy and government funding for social infrastructure, has improved over the last five years with the sector recovering from the worst of the financial crisis. A robust demand for office developments, as well as...

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Logic4training Guides – The Ultimate Guide to Training

 Dec, 08 - 2017

In any industry, training and self-improvement is an important part of career progression. In the trades, it’s particularly important to gain the correct skills and qualifications required to work safely, legally and, ultimately, work to a high standard in your chosen field. We are a training company and having been...

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Logic4training Guides: The Ultimate Guide To Plumbing Careers

 Nov, 27 - 2017

To become a plumber is to embark on a career that can take you further than you may think. It’s not just about unblocking pipes and getting your hands dirty, it’s about providing a valuable service that truly helps people. Logic4training’s Ultimate Guide to Plumbing Careers has been put together...

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Logic4training Guides: Ultimate Guide to Electrician Careers

 Oct, 16 - 2017

Ask an electrician what they do for a living and they will probably take pride in their answer. It’s widely regarded as one of the most rewarding of the trades, with great potential for progression. Logic4training’s ultimate guide to electrician careers is designed to give you as much detail as...

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Logic4training Guides: Ultimate Guide to Careers in Gas

 May, 02 - 2017   Guides

The gas sector offers a range of rewarding job opportunities, whether you’re leaving school, or looking to change careers from a related trade. Logic4training’s Ultimate Guide to Careers in Gas provides everything you need to know about the qualifications, experience and routes to becoming a gas engineer. The guide’s also...

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