Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. Landlords need to ensure that their tenants – or anyone entering or using a property – are not put at risk, by checking that the electrical installations are in a safe and serviceable condition.

This is called ‘Condition Reporting’, the term for Periodic Inspection and Testing (2395) which results in an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

New responsibilities for landlords

Last June, the government brought in new regulations, which have tightened up requirements for Condition Reporting. This is to improve safety in all residential premises, particularly in the private rental sector.

Landlords are now required to instruct a qualified and competent electrician to inspect and test electrical installations at their properties at least every five years or at a change of tenancy, whichever comes first. Periods between subsequent inspections will depend on the condition of the installation at the time of the preceding inspection.

What’s involved in Condition Reporting?

Each periodic inspection checks the condition of existing electrical installations against BS 7671, 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. The inspection should:

  • Check that electrical circuits or equipment are not overloaded
  • Identify potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards
  • Identify any defective electrical work
  • Highlight the lack of earthing or bonding

Landlords are required to provide a copy of the EICR to their tenants, and to their local authority if requested.

Who is Condition Reporting training for?

Condition Reporting training is aimed at experienced electricians who are responsible for ensuring existing electrical installations comply with 18th Edition Wiring Regulations and issue Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR).

Changes to the Wiring Regulations

When the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations were brought in, the old qualification, Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (2391-01) was split into two distinct Level 3 qualifications. Periodic Inspection and Testing (2395), or Condition Reporting, and Initial Verification of Electrical Installations (2394) – for when electrical installations are first installed, giving electricians more choice, depending on their role.

We offer both qualifications, plus a specific course for those responsible for electrical safety in tenanted properties.

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