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Cabbie Darren changes lanes, thanks to free place on plumbing training course

November 11, 2021 featured image

Darren M. is the latest winner of a place on our bronze plumbing training package at our Northolt centre. 47 year-old Darren, who’s been working as a London cabbie for nearly 14 years, was thrilled to hear the news that he’d won. During the COVID lockdowns, he decided to make a career change and take up a new trade, so this was the perfect prize!

Darren’s stepson is a plumber and commercial gas engineer – he inspired Darren to take the plunge. Winning the chance to train at Logic4training’s fabulous facility in Northolt has been the icing on the cake.

Darren said: “I feel very lucky and grateful to have won the opportunity to study on this plumbing course, so I will give it 100%.  I’m looking forward to exercising my brain, learning new skills and meeting new people. I’ve had many years working with general public and I’m sure that will help me going forward. I’ve always wanted to learn a new trade so the plumbing course at Northolt will help me on my way.

“The last thing I studied was ‘The Knowledge’, which all London cabbies need to earn the all London Green Badge. That took me five years, so I know I’ve got the commitment to start something new. Once I’m qualified, I plan to work with my son, starting out at a relatively low level in order to build my experience and confidence.”

We wish Darren all the best, he’s taking a brave step, but one that an increasing number of our learners are making these days. We’re experienced in helping career changers work out a way to achieve their goals and cater to all ages and levels of experience.

Watch this space for his video diary

Darren started our Level 2 Plumbing course, on 8th November in Northolt. We’ll be following Darren’s progress – watch this space for his video diary.

If you, like Darren, are thinking about changing careers, please get in touch with us. We can tell you about our range of training packages that set you up for a new career in the plumbing and heating industries.

Plumbing Packages

The Bronze package lasts 6 weeks and is ideal for new entrants. It provides a solid foundation for a career in plumbing and a great grounding for further training in gas engineering and renewable technologies. The qualification is a Level 2 Diploma in the installation, maintenance of plumbing and heating systems. For more details click here.

The Silver package is ideal for new entrants who already have somewhere to practice their skills –  at their workplace, or with family or friends.  Logic4training’s silver package adds an NVQ element to the initial Level 2 Diploma of the Bronze package. The course also covers WRAS Water Regulations, giving candidates all the skills and qualifications required to apply for a JIB Plumbing Skills Card and Approved Plumber Status. For more details click here.

The Gold package offers learners our Level 2 Plumbing Diploma and our new entrants domestic gas Managed Learning Programme (MLP). There is a portfolio element to this part of the course. Where practical experience is recorded so that Gas Safe Registration can be applied for, following successful completion of training.

Perfect for new entrants whose ambition is to become a fully qualified gas installer. This programme also provides the ideal starting point to move into other related sectors. Including low carbon heating solutions, such as heat pumps and solar thermal. For more details click here.

The Platinum package includes all the training and qualifications that candidates require to become a plumbing and heating engineer. Including Gas ACS and WRAS Water Regulations. The ten-week training course is our most comprehensive programme and mixes classroom learning with onsite work experience. Following the course, successful candidates will be qualified to take on plumbing and gas installation work on sites. Where a CSCS card is required and able to register with Gas Safe Register, so that they can hit the ground running. For more details click here.

We’re confident there’s a package to suit you, so please give us a call on 0208 845 7222 or email us at

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