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Help people find your local business – Create a google plus page

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If you run a small local business or are a sole trader there is a relatively simple thing you can do that will help people discover you more easily.

What am I talking about?

Google +

Wait! Before you leave hear me out.

I have mentioned Google + in previous posts but usually in brief as it’s not a platform that carries much weight on its own.

There aren’t the day to day users like on Facebook or Twitter but what it does do is link with Google’s search engine.

It becomes seriously useful when you have a local business and a website and it doesn’t take long to long to get up and running.

Use the following steps to get your G+ page up and running.

Step 1.

Create your google account

Create a Google account for your business. It’s a good idea to make your username “your business name”.

If you already have a Google account you can use that but I find it better to separate business accounts from personal ones.

google plus home button

From here you can see existing G+ pages and any other google accounts you already have.

If you are using an existing Google account anyway you will want to make sure that you haven’t already set up a business page.

You can do this by logging into your Gmail account and clicking on the G+ button which is found in the 3×3 block icon in the top right of the screen.

Step 2

Now you need to choose your business type.

This is actually the most confusing and awkward part of getting your G+ business page up and running as you must choose a business type.

I actually struggled to find the starting point for creating your business page so I have provided a link to the page you need.

Click Here to start this process.

Choose your business type

Make sure you select a business type that is relevant to your business. Tradespeople should select “Service area”

Each page type is slightly different as is also created differently.

Selecting “Service Area” will take you to Google’s “Google My Business > Find your Business” page.

Enter your Business name in the search box – Google may show you some suggestions or similarly named business’s.

Click “add your business”.

Be sure to check the map carefully, including any old addresses, before adding your business, though, because you don’t want to end up with multiple locations and Google map results.

Add your business

Once you have clicked ” Add your business” you’ll be presented with this form where you can add the full address of your business.

Step 3

Optimize your Google + page by adding as much detail as possible.

Google will guide you through the process and let you know how much progress you are making.

Make sure you add a profile picture, cover photo and tagline.

Also add the best contact information, and links to your website and social media platforms.

Google + pages influence your website’s organic search results so make sure all the information matches the information on your website.

If your contact details change don’t forget to update them on your G+ page.

The big advantage of having a Google + page is it makes it much easier for potential customers to find you, particularly on their phones.

A quick search made within the local area on a smart phone will display your contact details, a map and brief information.

A potential customer located within your local business’s catchment area can search for you and then call you directly from that search.

Because mobile IP’s track location more accurately than normal broadband and wireless a call coming in from a mobile is a much more reliable prospect.

Why not give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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