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#Tip 7: Getting Found Online – Our advice for getting the Basics of a Website Right

December 7, 2018 featured image

Does my business need an online presence?

Setting up a digital platform for your business, whether that’s a website or having a listing on a site like check a trade, or a business page on Facebook, is essential for helping customers find you.

Why is a website so important?

A website should be viewed as your online shop front and there are lots of options that mean it doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or over-complicated!

The main aim of a website is to convert visitors into paying customers, which is why it is important your website is engaging, and is prominent in search engine listings.

Most of us reach for our keyboard when we want to find out anything, and that includes trades people.

Where do I start – do I need employ an expert?

Employing an expert will ensure your website is built correctly and take this task off your hands, but for some, the cost may be too prohibitive.

If you’re reasonably tech savvy, you may want to have a go – software such as Wix provides a cheap (free depending on the package you choose) and relatively easy way to build a website.

There’s also a middle ground – companies such as SoleTrader, provide very low cost options for trades people looking to have a website professionally built, and offer services such as logo design.

The importance of good content

Content is key! Your site needs to simply explain the services you can offer the visitor, and where they can get them – i.e. where you are in the world; this is how people usually search in Google – plumber in Kent, for example.

It’s important descriptions are clear and to the point –irrelevant information is likely to direct customers straight to the hands of competitors. Likewise avoid jargon!

A contact us page is essential, but it is good practise to put your name, address, phone number and email on every page so people can easily get in touch.

There is so much competition, how do I maximise impact and stand out?

Creating a blog is a powerful tool when it comes to getting found online.

It provides a home for fresh and unique content, which can be updated quick and easy to keep visitors to your webpage updated.

Remember to keep it relevant and professional, include things like recent projects and relevant news.

Good quality visuals are an extremely important factor, and can be the difference between someone choosing your services or not.

You don’t have to be a photographer, but you should get into the habit of capturing the great work you do by taking a picture.

Building an online portfolio of your work will help demonstrate your skills and services.

If you are game to go online, download our Guide to Building a Website.

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