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F-gas qualifications for the future of London rail travel

May 30, 2022 featured image

Ciara Gollogly spent 17 years working for London Underground as a mechanical engineer before she moved to Rail for London eighteen months ago to work on the Elizabeth Line.

The Elizabeth Line forms an important part of the new rail network running from Reading in the west of London, to Abbey Wood in the East.

This major infrastructure project required 50 km of new track, 42 km of tunnels, 10 new stations as well as upgrades across the system.

LCL Level 3 F-Gas Qualifications at Logic4training

Ciara has recently successfully completed LCL Level 3 F-Gas Qualifications at Logic4training’s centre in Northolt. This qualification will help her in her role as Principal Maintenance Support Technician with the MEP maintenance team.

Part of her responsibility is to carry out audits on the air conditioning equipment, so what she has learnt on the course will ensure she is competent and confident in addressing any issues that arise in the system and other parts of the business.

She said: “I’m really pleased to have undertaken the F-gas training with Logic4training. It enables me to understand, on a more technical level, the challenges and activities faced by the delivery engineers who are servicing the equipment.”

“Air conditioning and the associated F Gas regulations are complicated, and legislation regarding the use of refrigerants is changing, so I need to be up to date with the current regulations.”

The Elizabeth Line

“Air conditioning on the Elizabeth Line is so important and needs to be working at peak condition.”  

“We need to ensure the staff and the passengers are comfortable and that the signal and communications rooms are kept cool, so that the equipment that runs the network can work efficiently. Having the F Gas qualification gives me the knowledge and understanding of the air conditioning system, which in turn, enables me to give support and advice when required, to other parts of the business.”

“Attitudes towards women in engineering are changing, and although it is still a male dominated industry, things are improving as more woman are being employed in high level jobs in the rail sector. Possibly in the past I have been treated differently from my male colleagues, however in my new team, I’m treated with the same respect.”

“I’m loving my new job and it’s been a real privilege to work on the Elizabeth Line, which will be a great asset for London. We’re all very excited that the line has opened this week. Expectations are running high and we’re ready to deal with whatever happens next.”

“It makes me smile sometimes when I think that I used to work for London Underground on a 150 year-old tube network and now I’m working on a rail system for the future.”

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