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Hard work pays!

March 22, 2022 featured image

Thirty-six year-old Asanka Kondaya left his home in Sri Lanka to study accountancy in the UK twelve years ago, but life took an unexpected turn and he’s in a completely different field. Now a successful gas installer and Logic4training regular, we caught up with Asanka to find out about his journey into the building services sector.

“I soon realised my dreams to study accountancy were unrealistic – I couldn’t afford the time to train, so I got a job as a housekeeper in a nursing home and I worked something out; that people in the UK are so lucky. There are so many opportunities to be had – as long as you’re prepared to put the work in.

“I watched the gas engineers and plumbers coming and going at the nursing home and thought, that’s a good life. I had no previous experience; a heating engineer’s not something we have in Sri Lanka – we don’t have winter!  But I was interested in what they were doing and as I love learning I decided to try.”

Asanka used his paternity leave on the birth of his first daughter to take his first plumbing and heating course with Logic4training and hasn’t looked back.

If you’re going to learn how to do something, you need to learn how to do it properly. I started completely from scratch and found the training at Logic4training to be really great. All the trainers I’ve worked with over the years have been very good, but Jerry in particular is inspirational – always prepared to run the extra mile for his trainees!

“Once I qualified I found work with British Gas and now I have my own company too. Over the years I’ve worked hard to keep my training up to date.  Since qualifying as a heating engineer I’ve done a whole range of courses at Logic, including commercial gas and several electrical qualifications. Having my Part P electrical qualification means that I can now wire in boilers, cookers and showers. I’m a one-stop-shop – able to offer my customers the whole package.

“My most recent training in 18th Edition Wiring Regulations has given me the qualifications I need to back up the electrical work I do. Because I’m always learning and up to date with the latest regulations and practices, I feel confident in what I’m doing; no one can question my abilities if I’ve the qualifications behind me.

“It’s also a question of knowing where to turn for help. If you get stuck Gas Safe will help you, NAPIT will help you – and you can always call the manufacturers for advice. You only need your phone to access all this – it’s like having your own library!

“Now that I’m established, I’d like to support others in the way I’ve been supported, perhaps even work as a trainer myself one day.  I’m not particularly worried about the gas phase out – the media is misleading about that. There will always be a need for gas engineers. Sure, things will change, but take this week for example, I was called in to service six huge modern boilers in a plant room that feeds two hundred flats in a tower block. Two hundred flats! There’s always something new to learn.

“Many people get stuck in a rut of their own making and that’s nonsense. As far as I’m concerned you can waste time, or you can learn something. Look around and find an opportunity. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and study hard. Look at me – I’m living proof of that!

For more information on how Logic4training can help you on the road to success, please get in touch – we’re on the end of the phone.

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